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Frequently asked questions on Corporate Geo-Informatics: Online Maps   

How do I get a print larger than that offered on the website?

Visit Corporate Geo-Informatics at our offices. You can find the address and directions on our Contact Us page. Alternatively send an e-mail with your details and your request to


How do I get information for features next to one I am looking at?

Make sure that the layer you are interested in is active (select the layer tab on the lower right hand side and click the circle adjacent to the layer you are interested in so that a dot appears in the circle). Select the identify button (the "i" on the toolbar to the left of the map) and click on the feature you are interested in. Then click on the info tab (bottom right). Click on the help button (little book on left hand side of map) for more information on using this feature.


How do I go closer to the picture?

You use the zoom in button (looks like a magnifying glass with a plus in it) You can either create a box around the area you want to zoom into by clicking on a spot and dragging the box around the desired area, or else just click on a spot you want to be the centre of the zoomed area and it will zoom in for you. You can use the zoom out icon (magnifying glass with minus sign in it) to move out of the map. 


How do I locate a property by address?

Make the street address layer active by selecting "street addresses" on the drop-down list on the top bar (next to "active layer). Type in the street number and the street name you are looking for and click search. A popup box will appear with all the addresses on the database that fit your search requirements. Click on the item you want, and the details will pop up on the info box to the right of the map. You can then zoom or pan to the selected field.


How do I measure areas like the size of the school field?

Zoom in to the school field, then select the measure button (ruler with a question mark above it). Click points around the area you want to measure; the measurements will appear at the top of the map.


How do I move into and out of the Map?

This type of function is called zoom - and there are different zoom icons:


  • Zoom In
  • Zoom out
  • Zoom to full extent
  • Zoom to active layer


How recent is the information on the CGIS website?

The cadastral (property data) is updated on a weekly basis. The Roads data, obtained from the Johannesburg Roads Agency, was last updated in August 2009. The Aerial Photography (copyright City of Johannesburg) was flown in May 2009. Most of the other data has been captured over the years.

I can't get the CGIS website to work properly. What should I do?

Make sure that you have a stable internet connection. Restart the website and wait until the map loads completely before pressing any other buttons. Log a query or call Online Mapping Support for further assistance


What is GIS?

GIS stands for Geographic Information System and is a computer technology that combines geographic data (the locations of man-made and natural features on the earth's surface) with other types of data (names, classifications, values, etc.) to manipulate, analyse and present information (maps and reports). For more info, please go to the Corporate GIS home page.


What is the best way to learn how to use the website?

Click on the help files (little book to the left of the maps) and experiment.


Why don't all the layers (such as aerial photography) appear all the time?

If all the layers were to be displayed all the time the whole map would be very confusing, therefore specific layers will become visible at certain scales (such as the aerial photos) where they can be best viewed. Others are switched off once a resolution is reached (like national roads) as they have little relevance when considering a smaller area.


IMS Help Manual (Internet Mapping Service)

​The Online Maps Help Manual has been designed to help you register, and then use the free and subscription components of the IMS online maps.

The IMS help manual is in a PDF Format and was last updated on 2013-05-17


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