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 Electronic Account Presentation Help

What is the cost to subscribe?
There is no cost to you if you register with this system. The City of Johannesburg is providing this service to its citizens completely free of charge.

Can I view my Statement online?
Yes, we will display a history of statements on the website. Input your account number and pin number and select the “Get Statement” link. You can view your statements online and also download to your computer. Should a specific month not be available online, send an email to and request a copy.

How do I update the email address / Cell Number to which the electronic account is sent?
Enter the Account Number and Pin and click on the "Continue" button. From the list of options provided, click on the "Verify/Update your statement delivery details" link. Your preferred statement delivery method will be selected. Should you wish to change the delivery method, you can change it online.

NB!! - Note that this facility cannot be used to update postal address. Should to need to update your postal address kindly sent an email to and inform us of the new address.

Trouble finding your unique PIN number?
It is printed on your original statement, next to your account number (note that the PIN is not printed on copy statements)

Don't have a statement with your PIN number on it?
Send an e-mail to and request you PIN Number

Note: Given the confidential nature of your account and the related PIN number, your request is subject to scrutiny and a validation process. You will therefore only receive your PIN within 3 working days, via the primary e-mail address provided on registration

I use to send my account to 3 other persons, why is this facility no longer available?
In the past you could link your account to more than one email address. This facility is currently not available.

You have opted to receive your original municipal account by post.
Your printed original municipal account will be delivered to the postal address on our system. This means that you will no longer receive a copy by e-Mail/MMS. In addition, as a registered e-Services user, you will be able to view and download a copy of your municipal account on the website.

How do I view my Statement when it arrives?
Your e-Statement can be sent as an attachment, in PDF format. Launching it from your email package, it will open it in a new browser window, or with Adobe Acrobat reader, depending on you computer settings or you can request to receive your account by MMS. A summary of your monthly electronic municipal statement will be delivered to the cellphone number on our records. PLEASE NOTE: The MMS option is only availbale for domestic consumers. To view or download your detailed Copy Tax Invoice, select the "Accounts by e-Mail/MMS" link.

I have more than one Account Number. Can I receive all of them electronically?
Yes, you can access the details on all of your accounts if you are the legitimate account holder, and opt to receive via email, MMS or post for each separate account. You can also specify a different email address for each account if you want to.

My personal details are wrong. Can I change them online?
If the postal address shown is incorrect or has changed, kindly update your details through one of the following channels:

  • Send an email to advising your account number, and the new address.
  • Call the Customer Care Number 0860 Joburg or 0860 56 28 74


Will my email address or Cell Number be sold or abused?
Your email address and Cell Number are kept strictly within our system, and will never be given away. From time to time we will communicate with you via your email or Cell Number, with news and info about our service.

How often will I receive my statement?
Your Statement is generated once a month. You can of course view your recent statements online, any time, night or day! You can also have any statement re-emailed to you in case you missed or did not receive it.

My company email system won't allow me to get the attachment. How do I view my Statement?
The attachment we send is completely safe, but some company firewalls will prevent it from being delivered to you. The best alternative is to simply come to the website where you can call up your latest Statement. From there you can view, save or print it.

Can I view my previous Statements?
Yes, you are able to view your previous Statements. Once you have entered your Account Number and Pin Combination, you will be able to select the month you wish to view. If you are looking for a Statement older than those available online, you will need to phone the Customer Care Number 0860 Joburg or 0860 56 28 74 or send an email to:

Can I use my printed Statement to pay my account?
Yes, we have included all the Post Office and Bank codes you need on your statement, and you can use this printed statement with the remittance advice to pay your account as before.


Customer Care:

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Emergency Connect:

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