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​Online Maps (GIS):  Zoning​​​


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The zoning theme will help you identify the rights allocated to a property. You will be able to find the use permitted per stand as well as the density, height, building line and line of no access restrictions. Amendment schemes are indicated on applicable properties with a blue outline and the number is displayed in the center of the polygon. The amendment scheme documents can be viewed and printed.

You will be able to display an A-series map (Use Zone) or a B-Series map (Density and Height) from the layers. These maps can also be printed on an A4 or A3 paper size and in colour or in black and white. You will be restricted to a scale of 1:2500.

Zoning Information

Zoning Information must be read in conjunction with the applicable Town Planning Scheme clauses and Amendment Schemes relevant to the erf.

It should be noted that the provisions of the Town Planning Scheme do not override any restrictive conditions that may be contained in the Title Deeds.

The Town Planning Scheme is open for inspection at the Metro Centre, 8 th floor, 158 Civic Boulevard, Braamfontein, between 8:00 and 15:30 weekdays. The applicant must verify the information contained herein by inspection of the scheme. Whilst the utmost is done to ensure accuracy, the City of Johannesburg does not accept responsibility for any incorrect information given on the website.

Town Planning Scheme

Currently, there are 13 different Town Planning Schemes within COJ e.g.

·          Johannesburg Town planning Scheme, Code: 2

·          Roodepoort Town Planning Scheme, Code: 30

·          Sandton Town Planning Scheme, Code: 116

·          Halfway House and Clayville Town Planning Scheme, Code: 149


A Town Planning Scheme describes the zoning rights of properties within a specified area as promulgated on a specific date in the Government Gazette.

Note: All these various Town Planning Schemes are in a process of being consolidated into one Johannesburg Town Planning Scheme. The communique will be sent to all stakeholders (CGIS included) for the rollout of the new Town Planning Schemes.

Amendment Scheme

All changes to property rights after the promulgation of a Town Planning Scheme needs to be done by an Amendment on a specific date in the Government Gazette.

An Amendment Scheme consists of Map 3 (A-Series Map and a B-Series Map) and an Annexure (description of the rights/constrains on the use of property).

A-Series Map : Indicates the use zones thus the purpose for which a property/building may be used (e.g. Residential/Business).

B-Series Map : Indicate maximum height (of buildings) and density (number of dwellings per certain m 2 ) permitted for development as well as the building line and access restrictions (line of no access). Parking restrictions are usually described as a number of parking bays allocated per 100 m 2 or number of persons. Refer to the table on Town Planning Scheme as they differ in landuse.

Each Town Planning Scheme has its own classification for use, density, etc.

The Town Planning Scheme code, Amendment Scheme Number and the Annexure Number is indicated on the Map3’s.

Zoning versus Land Use

- Use Zones indicate the purposes for which a property/building may be used.

Land Use - Land Use is the purpose for which the land is actively used.

The Land use can be legal in terms of the Use Zone or - i llegal if it is not in terms of the Use Zone.

Consent Use

Purpose for which buildings may be erected and/or used or purposes for which the land may be used only with consent of the City Council .



Apply for rezoning when the owner/developer wants to use the property/building for purposes other than the current zoning . Council will approve the application if found to be desirable. 




To access the metadata, click on the metadata widget and do the relevant search.

See below for a list of searchable layers and different types of reports available:
Searchable Layers
  • Stands
Enter a Stand number and a Township Name
Fields Displayed = Town Name, Stand Number, Area m ? , Region Number, Ward Number, Status code, Owner Name, Municipal Value, Improvement value, Zoning & SG Code (SG ID)
  • Street Addresses
Enter a Street Number and a Street Name
Fields Displayed = Street Number, Street Name, Street Type, Township name, Township Extension
  • Farms
Enter a Farm portion and a Farm Name
Fields Displayed = Farm Name, Farm Portion, Area m ? , Region Number, Ward Number, Status code, Owner Name, Market Value, Zoning & SG Code (SG ID)
  • Townships
Enter the Town name and/or extension
Fields Displayed = Township Name, Township Extension, Area m ? , Status code and SG code
  • Amendment Schemes
Enter an Amendment Scheme number or the first few numbers
Fields Displayed = Amendment Scheme Number, link to open the document
When you enter a parameter to base your search on, you can type the first few characters e.g. "Lan" will return Langlaagte and Lanseria suburb