An Overview

Corporate Geo-Informatics realizes the strategic value of geographic information and is committed to managing it as a corporate resource. The unit uses its geographic information systems (GIS) and associated resources to improve the quality of its products, to streamline its processes and to improve services. The unit provides geographic feature maps and detailed information, including density, height zone, parking requirements, building lines, full area report and zoning certificates, on all Johannesburg properties. See the online maps website for more information.



Its main vision is to ensure the timely provision of accurate and relevant geographically referenced spatial and related information for the City of Johannesburg and all its residents. At least 70 percent to 80 percent of the average local government's work involves land or geographically related issues. This explains why geographic information and the associated management systems are an integral part of planning and implementing the City's vision.



There are a number of prongs to its mission, namely:

  • To provide corporate base information pertaining to the administrative, socio-economic, cultural and natural environments;
  • To create a secure data environment;
  • To provide added value products such as maps and reports;
  • To maintain a data warehouse; and
  • To supply an information counter service.

It is committed to four values, namely customer focus, quality, innovation, and professional staff. To entrench these values, they are used as the basis for the directorate's annual awards at the end of the year.

The CGIS Team

The Corporate Geo-informatics directorate (Development Planning) comprises a dynamic team of various individuals with a versatile range of GIS expertise that contribute to the efficient and continuous functioning of all GIS services, workflows, and systems. There are several sub-sections that operate on a daily basis to ensure that an integrated, holistic, and accurate workflow is maintained. Each sub-section is tasked with managing and maintaining a different aspect of the GIS workflow, thereby playing various but equally integral roles in contributing to timeous service delivery. The sub-sections that make up the Corporate Geo-informatics department are:

  • Customer Services / Information Counter
  • Projects
  • Administration
  • E-Property Information Services
  • Street Address
  • Zoning
  • Spatial Information
  • Property Information
  • Systems Administration and Development