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Download the latest Online Maps Help Manual here: eServices Online Maps Help Manual.pdf
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​CGIS office closure during national lockdown




Dear valued customers,

Corporate Geo-Informatics (CGIS) is operating at COVID-19 Alert Level 1 (as of 23 March 2022).

CGIS [Metro Centre, A block, 8th floor] will not be available for walk-in customers but our committed staff will still be available through our various electronic communication platforms.

Walk-in customers will be received at the CGIS public information counter at Metro Link (Ground Floor, 158 Civic Boulevard, Braamfontein - Opposite Joburg Theatre).

Please send your property-related requests through the electronic communication channels listed below:


Other CGIS contact details can be found on the eServices Corporate Geo-Informatics Spatial Data Map page: (click on City of Johannesburg on the displayed map).

Property information can also still be obtained from the Online Maps on Jozinet and on eServices at

Please note: You are no longer required to register as an eServices client in order to access the Online Maps website. Online Maps website support is available via and

CGIS apologise for any inconvenience caused during these challenging times.


Corporate Geo-Informatics (CGIS)

CoJ Spatial data Inventory



The Corporate Geo-Informatics directorate, within Development Planning, has compiled the latest Spatial Data Inventory containing all the spatial layers, data-owners, and contact details within the City of Johannesburg (CoJ). Creating and maintaining an inventory of spatial data assists to keep track of data resources available, and can be used for planning and decision-making purposes.

The inventory records:

  • Name and description of the dataset
  • Data type, distribution format, and date created
  • Theowner of the data with contact details
  • Usage limitation of the data

The CoJ Spatial Data Inventory is reviewed annually. The inventory facilitates data sharing as it contains all essential information to enable future re-use, to avoid duplication, and to make data archiving easy.

Download the latest Spatial Data Inventory here: Spatial Data Inventory 2021.pdf

The Spatial Data Inventory can also be found under the Help --> PDF Help Files section!

Oblique Imagery for the City of Johannesburg

Oblique Imagery Viewer - Image.jpg 

Colour aerial photography captured at a 45-degree angle with the ground is now available for viewing via a user-friendly oblique imagery viewer.

The oblique images allow a user to view any building (or area of interest) within the City of Johannesburg's jurisdiction area (1644km²) from any of the four cardinal directions [North, South, East or West].

The 45-degree angle which is inherent to oblique imagery allow a user to view and measure not only the top of objects but the sides as well.

A snapshot of the City cadastral (property) data has also been integrated with the oblique imagery viewer to allow a user to search for townships, township stands, agricultural holdings or farm portions.

The oblique imagery viewer can be accessed at the following link:

A concise manual is available for download to assist first time users in the basic functionality of the oblique imagery viewer.

 Please note:

  • Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox are the preferred internet browsers of choice to access the oblique imagery viewer.
  • It will take some time to load the oblique imagery viewer for the first time whereafter the viewer will respond much faster.

New GIS Online Map Viewer launched!



Finally, after much anticipation, the Corporate Geo-Informatics (CGIS) directorate has launched its new Online Maps Viewer on the City's Jozinet website on 22 May 2021.
The new Online Map Viewer is accessible to all City of Johannesburg (CoJ) departments and municipal entities (MEs) and external clients via the public facing eServices website.

The new viewer is hosted on the HTML5 platform, making the website compatible with several browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, and more!

The HTML5 platforms offers increased support for mobile technology, promotes easy accessibility, and improves interaction between the user and the website. The new website is more user-friendly and easier to understand, thereby ensuring that all City employees and residents are able to make use of available spatial data anywhere, without needing expert knowledge.

The new Map Viewer has been designed as part of the CGIS directorate's move toward a smarter city, keeping up with latest technological trends and advancements, as well as meeting the CGIS core values of Innovation and Customer Service.

The Viewer boasts a new and improved look and feel; a more user-friendly, robust, and compatible website, functional on all major browsers; a faster website with improved response time; an integrated and seamless service with the e-Services and Jozinet platforms; and continued efficient internet mapping support.

 Download the GeoLIS HTML5 Online Maps Help Manual here: eServices Online Maps Help Manual.pdf

Free website training for the new viewer is being offered by CGIS. Website training is a two-hour interactive session teaching users to navigate through the new website with ease. 

Training is conducted online on the MS Teams platform. 

Prior booking is essential. Bookings can be made by sending an email to Roxanne Parthab

CGIS strives to provide up-to-date technological developments to the City and can only do that through your continued feedback and support. All comments, reviews, queries, suggestions, and feedback about the new Map Viewer can be sent to All suggestions for improvement are welcome!

We look forward to your interaction with the new viewer and hope it brings an enhanced experience to your service at the City!