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​Online Maps (GIS):  Tourism​


The tourism theme help you search for Places of Interest, Pay Points and AA Approved Accommodation. The source data for Places of Interest is from Map Studio and covers Shopping Centres, Schools, Museums, Sports Facilities, Community Centres, Police Stations, Post Offices, Hotels, Places of Worship, Libraries, Hospitals/Clinics and many more points of interest.
The source data for the AA Accommodations is from the AA Travel. The AA Accommodation layer on the map viewer is for the City of Johannesburg extent only. If you are interested in accommodations beyond the City of Johannesburg's borders, click on the following website

To access the metadata, click on the metadata widget and do the relevant search.
See below for a list of searchable layers and different types of reports available:
Searchable Layers
  • Points of Interest
Enter a Place Name and/or Place Type and/or Township Name
Fields Displayed = Place Name, Type of Facility and Township Name

  • Pay Points
Enter a Office Name
Fields Displayed = Office Name, Physical Address and Stand Number
  • AA Accomodation
Enter the Accommodation Name and/or Township Name
Fields Displayed = Accommodation Name, Category Type, Telephone, Star Grade and Township Name
When you enter a parameter to base your search on, you can type the first few characters e.g. "Lan" will return Langlaagte and Lanseria suburb

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