The Valuation Services directorate is one of seven directorates that form the Finance department of the City of Johannesburg. 

Valuations Services adopted its mission and vision during 2003, and is constantly striving to achieve its targets in terms of this mission and vision. 


To provide a complete professional valuation and property advisory service to all clients of the City of Johannesburg. 

Vision ​

To establish a valuation entity which will be the benchmark of excellence for valuation services in South Africa. 

The directorate is mainly responsible for the following duties: 
  • Ensure the annual compilation of supplementary valuation rolls according to approved legislation;
  • Ensure fair and transparent process of objections against entries in valuation rolls, in conjunction with the Department of Local Government, to finalise the hearing of such objections;
  • Ensure a comprehensive Ad-Hoc valuation service to all relevant stakeholders of the City of Johannesburg;
  • Ensure a comprehensive information service to all clients of the City of Johannesburg;
  • Ensure the regular compilation of general valuation rolls according to approved legislation;
The above duties are derived from specific legislation which governs the responsibilities of the directorate. Some of the legislation are: 
  • The Townplanning Ordinance, 15 of 1986.
  • The Municipal Property Rates Act, 6 of 2004.
The directorate strives to ensure a comprehensive property valuation database, which is used by the City of Johannesburg to determine its rates base.

Valuation Forms


Please note that the Supplementary Valuation Roll for the financial year 2021/2022 closed for objections on the 24th of June 2022.

Late objections will be treated as queries.


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